A style that to some may seem cold and unsuitable for a home and to others, on the contrary, captivating and current, is the industrial style.

By its nature, the industrial style is a raw, masculine one, but it can be tamed and disguised in a hospitable environment, with a special air.

The most beautiful part in such a style is that anything is allowed – metal structures, wood in all its variants, string, textiles, mother nature, copper and a lot of imagination put to the test.

Of course, the industrial style does not refer only to the furniture objects in a room, they being only a portion of the whole.

Each element can meet such a style:

• The walls
From a clean finish of washable paint in a single shade, natural or apparent brick, a concrete wall, metal structures, to plastered walls;
• Floor
It can be a classic solid wood flooring, ceramic tiles or epoxy paint with different textures;
• The light
The simpler it is, the better it fits. No strong light is needed, the effects of warm light will intensify the whole atmosphere. Here the imagination can be put to good use, as the lighting system can be improvised from a multitude of old objects forgotten – hats, tires, lanterns, jars, etc .;

• accessories
With their help you can “soften” the cold style. From a linen-covered wall to Grandpa’s suitcase forgotten in the attic, only your imagination can stop you.
In the living room I will limit myself only to furniture and a few accessories.
• Chest
Composed of three types of wood – walnut, beech and spruce – is the central element of the room, always being in the “center” of attention. Construction began by planning the walnut countertop and spruce support.



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