Everyone knows the famous barn doors with sliding system, “barn door” if we look at their origin.

Everyone knows the famous barn doors with sliding system, “barn door” if we look at their origin. The deadline was approaching, I had to move and I had no doors in the apartment. I didn’t have time to build them all, but I kept a space for one, the one for the closet, the others being ordered. The access was through a rather narrow hallway, a classic hinged door was not feasible, so I had the opportunity to build a famous door, the barn door, together with the sliding system.

No need for a frame, the dimensions of the door had to exceed the gap both on the sides and in height, by a few centimeters.

The door itself is a sandwich composed of three layers, two exteriors made of spruce wood and one interior of an 8mm OSB plywood.

With the final measurements of the known door we cut the OSB plywood to the size of 2100 x 700 mm. The sizing of the board followed, requiring 24 pieces 175 x 700 x 16 mm.

Having all the components ready, the assembly part followed. The boards were glued to the OSB plywood, following the finishing part. After a preliminary sanding, two coats of stain and one of wax followed, for protection.

The wooden part ending in the sea here, followed by the other component of the spectrum, iron.

With a steel plate of the same width as the wooden sandwich, 40 mm and a thickness of 4 mm I surrounded the door. Thus, from a piece of 6 ml resulted two pieces of 2108 x 40 mm and two of 700 x 40 mm. The long ones used on the sides of the doors were 8 mm larger to cover the flat strip that was to be attached to the ends.

To fix the flat strip to the wood structure, we used screws, four for the short ones and eight for the sides. The last interventions before finishing the metal were the preparation and degreasing. A coat of primer and two coats of black spray paint and the door was ready.


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